Carlie’s tips on budget travel

General travel tips to stay on a budget wherever you go:

1. Stay at hostels. Between horror movies and missundertood ideas there are so many people out there that think hostels are dirty/dangerous/bad places! There are TONS of them and mostly they are AWESOME places to meet people! has always helped me tons!! All the reviews are genuine since you can only post AFTER you checked out so is an amazing tool!!

2. Check for the cheapest dates for your flights in and if you dont know exactly where, but you want to travel, is a great option to see the cheapest flights around the world.

3. If you want to travel around europe, Interail is a GREAT option to save tons! You decide either one or several countries. It is ridiculously cheap: I paid 497 for 23 of unlimited train hopping all around Europe! For example: Getting just a one way ticket to Paris was around 120€. So, imagine what a great deal this was!

4. Dont be afraid to eat on the streets! Usually the food is better and so much cheaper. Look for hostels that include breakfast is a huge help, when on a budget.

5. This is very personal but dont pay for tours! Most of them have you running around without truly enjoying what you are seeing and you just end feeling dissapointed and that you wasted your money. Venture yourself or ask in your hostel.

6. Before buying a city card, which usually include transport and entrances to sights, compare prices without the card. It might end up being the same or even cheaper!

7. Buy at home a reusable bottle of water and have it with you at all times. Most of places in europe have their own free water dispensers so youre not wasting money on bottles. Always ask if its safe to drink tap water in the country you are in.

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