How Tara secured a job in Laos

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How Tara got a job in Laos…


I was bored with my 9-5 job, when I came across an ad about teaching English to monks in Laos. Following the lead, I found a volunteer position to teach English to rescued young girls on GVI. So, I went to Laos for the teaching position for a few months. That period was my inspiration for purpose and passion. So, I aimed for a full-time position and got it right after that.

Non-profit organizations prefer to hire from their previous volunteers. Therefore, the best way to get a job offer from one is to help as a volunteer first. These volunteering times are normally very short, which may lead to a long term full-time position.

If you are looking for some great organizations to volunteer with, I suggest:

IVHQ, GVI, Grassroots Volunteering, Charity Water, A21 Campaign


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