Sophie’s tips

“If everyone knew how easy and cheap it is to travel the world, it would get so full of people that we wouldn’t be able to travel like this. Maybe we should keep it a secret?”

japan_garden_next_to_the_fish_market._after_sashimi breakfast

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Insider tips for Thailand

Accommodation: When in Bangkok, Stay at Born Free Hostel; It has an awesome vibe by a collective of creative expats. The owner is from Switzerland. He’s lived in many countries in South America and Italy. He speaks multiple languages. He is so chill and open minded. His hostel feels truly like home. Go there solo, and after 2 days you know everyone!

Most things cost low; like Food is really cheap there. You can get amazing massage for only $1. But, alcohol for example is very expensive.

Generally, crowded places are always safe. And, drugs are big issue in Thailand. The police severely prosecutes outlaws. Respect the laws, enjoy the cheap food, and luxury massage to enjoy the heaven called Thailand.

Insider tips of Poland

Best time to go to Warsaw is the summer; June, July and August. There is a big concert by the river, which brings together awesome people, vegan food, good music, cheap parties and makes the city alive.

Another city to see is Cracow. It was the previous capital of Poland, a student city that is very popular among the Brits. Old buildings, good food, hipster culture, amazing tattoo artists and great electronic music are some of the signatures for Cracow. And then, the whole city of Plock that changes into a festival at the time of AUDIO RIVER festival. Haters disappear and visitors from everywhere come in to enjoy the vibe.

Insider tip Seoul, Korea

Accommodation: Cross roads Back Packer in Seoul.

When I first arrived in Seoul, I didn’t like it at all. I was so bored. Because, I stayed at a hostel in the downtown district, assuming that I was at the best area of the town. But, then I was roaming around and quite by accident found out about Hongdae district. There is so much happening, and dancing on the streets there.


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